Sweet Dishes


Rasmalai recipe

For making paneer - 1ltr milk ,  2/3 tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar , 1cup of water .
For making sugar syrup - 11/2 cup sugar ,  8 cups of water.
For making rabdi - 1 ltr milk ,  1/4 sugar ,  1/2 teaspoon cardamom Powder ,  2tablespoon saffron ,
6/7 almonds , 11/12 cashew nuts .
Paneer recipe -
1- First , take a bowl or utensils to boil milk. Then add milk into it.
2 - Once the milk starts getting hot add lemon juice or vinegar and stir it continuously , after sometime curdles will start coming.
3 - After curdles comes completely , drain all the water from it by squeezing it .
4 - Keep it for  at least 30/40 minutes and then starts kneading the paneer for at least 10/15 minutes.
5 - Knead it very nicely , after kneading start making small balls and flatten them. ( You can also make rasmalai in a ball shape) .
6 - Make all of them as explained and keep them aside.
For making sugar syrup -
1 - Take a bowl or utensils and add sugar and water into the bowl or utensil.
2 - After this keep it for boiling at least 10 minutes.
3 - After the sugar syrup gets boil , add the small flatten balls of panner into the sugar syrup .
4 - After putting all the ball , cover it with lid and keep it for boiling for at least 15 minutes .
5 - After boiling let the sugar syrup gets cool .
6 - After this squeeze the small flatten balls .
For making rabdi -
1 - First take a bowl and add milk into it . Keep the milk for boiling .
2 - once the milk gets boil and on the milk the layer of cream is formed then stick it to sides of vessels.
3 - After this repeat the same process for at least 4 to 5 minutes again till the milk get reduces to one - third .
4 - After this , add sugar , cardamom powder , saffron milk into the milk.
5 - After this mix it very nicely .
6 - After mix it nicely keep it in refrigerator for at least 2 to 3 hours.
Rasmalai recipe -
1 - First , add the small flatter squeezed ball  into a bowl and then pour the chilled rabdi .
2 - And then garnish rabdi / rasmalai with nuts and keep it to absorb for 2 to 3 hours .
Enjoy the delicious rasmalai.




Rasgulla recipe

Ingredients:-  2 liter milk,  2 tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar,  1 cup sugar,  5 cup water,  3 cardamom.


1 – First take a large bowl and add milk into the bowl and keep it for boiling and keep stirring the milk.
2 – Once the milk starts  boiling add lemon juice or vinegar into the milk and stir it well.
3 –  keep it on a low flame and Stir it until the milk curdles.
4 – Once the milk curdles switch off the gas. ( do not boil it unnecessarily).
5 – After this drain all the water by using cloth. Squeeze all the water. ( make sure no water is left)
6 -  After this rinse the curdles with fresh water.
7 – After this squeeze the water again but make sure you do not over squeeze or else the moisture will be lost.
8 – After this hang the curdles cloth for at least 1 to 2 hour  so that water will drain completely.
9 – After draining all the water mash the paneer  nicely for at least 5 to 10 minutes.
10 – After mashing the paneer nicely  start making small ball of paneer  and cover them so that they will not become dry.
11 – After this in a large vessel or bowl  and add sugar , water , cardamom and stir it till the sugar dissolve in the water completely.
12 – After this keep it for boiling at least  5 to 10 minutes.
13 – Once it start boiling the add small paneer balls into it.
14 – After dropping all the balls cover  and boil  it till the rasgulla becomes double in size.   
  15 –Once the rasgulla becomes in size, now drop it into the ice cold water immediately.
16 – Once it gets cool completely now serve the rasgulla with the leftover sugar water or syrup.
17 – Enjoy the tasty rasgullas.